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    Our Mission

    Our Mission is to provide our clients with ideal coverage and claims handling through careful and diligent underwriting of risk and business friendly solutions.

    Our Visiion

    To be the preferred world Class Insurance Broker in this region & beyond.

    To be the preferred world Class Insurance Broker in this region & beyond.

    Our Vision

    About Us

    Proud OF Over 27 Years

    Established in 1996, AMS Insurance Brokers Ltd is a brokerage firm regulated under the Insurance Act.

    In 1997 the company was elevated to a full broking firm and has gradually
    grown to be one of the largest Insurance Brokerage firms in Kenya.
    The company has been complying with rigid requirements specified under
    the Insurance Act through the Insurance Regulatory Authority.


    For over two and a half decades, our insurance brokerage has been a pillar of reliability in the ever-shifting landscape of risk management


    Our flexible approach allows us to cater to the ever-changing demands of our clients, ensuring that they receive the most relevant and effective coverage

    Professional Staff

    Our team, comprised of experienced and knowledgeable insurance experts, embodies the highest standards of professionalism.


    Our commitment to transparency, integrity, and client-centered service has earned us the unwavering trust of our clients over the years

    Large Number Of Insurance Policies

    Experienced & Qualified Agents

    Free Insurance Quote

    For Professional and Quality Services

    As Insurance Professionals, we guide customers in identifying the type and
    level of Insurance necessary, and help them purchase the correct policy for their unique needs. Our motto is Professional & Quality Service to the
    satisfaction of our clientele.

    Our personal approach to your business insurance is what we believe differentiates ourselves from the global firms and smaller brokerages. We’re confident that no one can match our size, scope, flexibility and responsiveness.



    Looking After All Your Risks

    Whatever type of insurance you require, from small business insurance and domestic insurance to specialist industry insurance, we work with a range of insurers to ensure you get a tailor-made policy.

    What makes AMS different?

    Our personal approach to ensure your risks are well mitigated is what we believe differentiates us from the global firms and smaller brokerages. AMS was amongst the first few brokers to receive ISO certification in 2014. We are the only Broker to have been awarded the European Quality Award in 2018. We are confident of our work operations, size, scope, flexibility and responsiveness to ensure our client needs are well catered for.

    As your broker, we take the initiative to ensure the below is done on your behalf:

    • Understand your needs, requirements, business operations and risks.
    • Negotiate to find the most competitive cover available for you.
    • Deliver quality, efficient and cost-effective client services that are unique to your business situation.
    • Ensure all the warranty clauses are to the benefit of the clients
    • Advise the client if any limit/clause is needed to be enhanced
    • Acts on your behalf to ensure claims are paid quickly upon submission of all documentation to us.